Are you Looking to start a career in the fitness industry?

Bodyseek & Athletes Authority Cert III/IV in Fitness (RTO 4567

Look no further than the Bodyseek & Athletes Authority Cert III/IV in Fitness (RTO 45678), where practical skills meet education. Our program combines the expertise of industry leaders who have worked as personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, contest prep coaches, and gym owners to provide a real-world fitness education.

Unlike other providers that churn through students, we offer limited intakes, a streamlined online learning experience, weekly practical workshops at our industry leading facility, and post-qualification mentorship programs at no extra cost. Graduates also receive lifetime discounts with the Bodyseek Academy for PT’s continuing education courses.

Upon completion of our certification, you’ll gain an advanced understanding of applied biomechanics and resistance training, enabling you to confidently coach anyone, regardless of body type. You’ll also learn in-depth soft-skills like building rapport and trust with different clients.

Our comprehensive education includes robust knowledge of business systems, including a day spent with bodyseek founder Tim Diegan (18 years in the industry, from big box gym to 7-figure studio owner) equipping you with tools to run a successful fitness business. Plus, upon graduation, you’ll be certified as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and hold an ASCA Level 1 qualification, providing insight into the world of strength and conditioning and athletic development.

Our program is unmatched, and post completion of certificate IV, our graduates can take advantage of the Athletes Authority Fitness MBA, an introductory course for fitness businesses, and more. You’ll have access to 26 weeks of in-person practical workshops at Bodyseek’s elite training facility, led by Senior Coach Adrian Ramani, and an interactive and streamlined online learning experience.

Your future success in your new career will depend entirely on the foundation that it is built on, and there is no greater foundation than bodyseek & athlete’s authorities certificates

Make the first steps towards your career change today and become a highly sought-after personal trainer with the Bodyseek & Athletes Authority Cert III/IV in Fitness (RTO 45678). 

Enquire now by emailing or via the this direct link to Athletes Authority. – select the Williamstown branch via the log in and mention you want to learn from bodyseek,

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