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Here are our most frequently asked questions :

6/92-100 Champion Road Newport – all sessions are done at our custom built, exclusive 1:1 personal training studio, we do not, by any means travel or do mobile PT.

We have ample parking alongside the front of the studio and by the side of our roller door, also champion road is a main road with many temporary parking spots.

We aren’t run of the mill trainers simply exchanging time for money, we “train you” not run through exercise programs or provide random workouts made up on the spot, we measure your body composition, customise your nutrition based on the assessment and your desired results, assess your movement competency and program accordingly.

Your investment will include accounts setup in our training app and nutrition software and depend on the following:

1) The level of coach you require
2) The package & training frequency that best suits your goals, budget and timeframe of desired results
3) Whether paying upfront for the 12 weeks in full or via direct debit weekly.

You are best to book a discovery call to discuss your previous experience with training, nutrition / dieting, supplements & injury history and we will be able to provide a rough quote based on all of the above and your desired results before visiting the studio in person.

Our first sessions generally start from 5:30-6am and our last session of the day will finish by 8:00pm Monday to Thursday, 6:00am – 7pm Friday, and 6:00 am – 12pm saturday

Your sessions times will be dictated by your availability, your trainer availability and your programming to ensure recovery and best results.

Towel, Water bottle, comfortable gym clothes and an open mind.

No, far from it – 80% of our clientele are general population, our youngest client is in their early teens while our oldest is 72 years old, we don’t discriminate on age, race, orientation or ability, the only thing we do discriminate on is attitude – generally if you think you can’t, you won’t – if you are full of excuses and uncoachable or have a fixed mindset, you will struggle to achieve the optimal outcome.

We take care of your program design, training sessions, nutrition, body composition analysis and even advise on lifestyle changes for optimal results, all we require you to do is “show up” and do the work, your package includes:

  • Program Design
  • Body composition Analysis
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Personalised program changes each phase
  • Biofeedback Tracking
  • Performance Tracking
  • Accountability

No, absolutely not, and never will.

There is a difference between “training” and exercise – our clients train for a purpose / goal – not to do box jumps, burpees and sweat sessions or random workouts to feel exhausted but have no impact on their body composition or ongoing results.

No, our studio is purpose built to offer a premium 1:1 personal training experience without the crowds and wait times for equipment that are common in commercial gyms – premium results come from a premium service, and the boutique 1:1 offering is the highest level of service possible.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy that will result in you not being charged if the session is cancelled or needed to change outside of that, within that will be at our discretion however you will be informed. – last minute cancellations are 100% charged & forfeit for example no matter what.

That depends…

The healthier you are, the faster your results will be.

The stronger and fitter you are, the harder you can train, the faster you will see results.

Some people have a lot more weight to lose and will see scale weight changes fast, others when taking a more moderate approach will generally find body recomposition happens faster – for example people that have trained in the past, regain old muscle and lose bodyfat simultaneously, when this happens, scale weight doesn’t change so much but body composition does.

Generally speaking, when it comes to fat-loss – 0.5kg to 1kg per week is healthy and sustainable, we don’t just want you to lose weight in 12 weeks, we want you to be able to keep it off, in terms of bodyfat percentage, 0.5% per week is a conservative approach, but for those that want to go “all-in” 1% per week is optimal.

When a visible difference is desired, when body transformation is your goal, your compliance and health will dictate the results achieved.


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