The Bodyseek Academy

A concept in the pipeline for many years, the dream became reality in early 2018.
Bodyseek owner Tim Diegan had privately mentored many personal trainers on the subjects of advanced resistance training, program design and periodization, nutrition systems and all things PT business.

More and more, the gap between those that recently graduated in the industry, and what they need to know to be successful and really help their clients get the results they desire was growing year by year.

The burnout rate for new pts decreased from 3 years to an average of 6 months, a lack of knowledge = a lack of results – a lack of results leads to no business!

Many industry leaders and boutique studios locally have run their own internships and continuing education courses, and the best courses world wide are in the private education realm – so we decided to join as another way to make an impact on the industry.

We also run workshops to educate both the general public and new to the industry PT.

See below for our Academy Course Calendar of Events:

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