Our Results

At Bodyseek personal training we understand the importance of results. Our leading PT studio in Melbourne’s West welcomes clients travelling far and wide for our services as well as locals, many of our clients are also personal trainers seeking our expertise first hand in order to learn more and better serve their clients.

Be assured, our coaches sometimes want results for their clients more than they do! Such is their passion and love for their job!

Female Transformation Programs

Shed body fat, sculpt your body, empower yourself through the strength and confidence that comes from being a woman who lifts.


Muscle up! Drop body fat! Optimise your hormones! – Be an Alpha Male!


Our process involves an off-season where we aim to bring up size, strength and symmetry for your desired division but more importantly calories to build an engine and metabolic base to work down from.

Ready to achieve your goals?

Want to learn more about nutrition, training and holistic health?

With a home training plan, recipes, and comprehensive chapters on nutrition, stress, sleep and digestive health, (60 pages deep) Click here to find out more about our optimal health guidebook.