Optimal Health eBook

Your Roadmap to Optimal Health

Due to government lockdown / corona virus procedures in 2020, the team at bodyseek created an ebook initially to help those frustrated at home without much gym equipment.

Weight-Gain, loss of lean muscle and strength, disrupted sleep habits and high stress were the common common complaints experienced by many health conscious people world-wide during their respective lockdowns.

This ebook was designed to be an educational resource to utilise both during lockdown and for years to come.

Within the pages of this guidebook you will learn:
  • The foundations of Nutrition, all about calories & macronutrients, learn how to nourish your body but shed that unwanted bodyfat.
  • The Importance of Protein and how to gain back your tone & shape.
  • All about Stress, the different types of stress and how to manage it to live your best life.
  • How to get the most out of home-workouts (3 programmes inside, all you need is a resistance band and your bodyweight).
  • How to cook Tasty Healthy Meals (with some of our favorite recipes).
  • How to Optimise Sleep and boost your energy.
  • How to strengthen your Immune system.
And much much more! This guide is a Holistic Health Bible, and all yours for:
$67.00 $33.00 (for a limited time only).