Bodybuilding & Physique Contest Prep Coaching

“The Bodyseek Way” A Health First Approach.

Prepping to Prep - A health first approach to contest prep

A service only for those serious about results and committed 100% for the end goal in mind. The bodyseek team take a “health-first” approach to contest preparation.

Our process involves an off-season where we aim to correct any weak points, bring up size, strength and symmetry for your desired division but more importantly calories to build an engine and metabolic base to work down from.

Program phases are changed every 3-6 weeks, exercise frequency recommended is 5-6 days for the majority of your prep and sometimes involves training twice per day.

We tailor your nutrition for all periods throughout your prep; off season, in-season/prep, contest week, and reverse dieting post comp. 

Your nutrition plans will ensure your health is always our first priority, and that you don’t experience any blow outs after your competition.

We have had fantastic results with those who have come to us 6 months out from competition but even more so from 12 months out, there is so much put into one’s contest prep that we rather them be ready, and actually “compete” rather than just get on stage for the sake of it.


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