How Theo Lost His “Dad Bod” & Felt 10 Years Younger

Theo was always fit in his youth and played soccer at Semi Pro level.

After a few injuries and longer work hours, his work / family commitments started to take priority, with salads and sprints being replaced by beer, pizza and nights on the couch after a hard days work.

Before he knew it, Theo had ballooned to his worst ever weight, over 100 kilograms.

After being introduced to bodyseek by a former client, Theo hit the ground running, signing on to our platinum package, with Master Coach Tim conducting all nutrition plans, Senior Coach Chris creating all training programs and coaching all training sessions, Theo lost 10kilograms in his first 12 weeks of training.

The results were so impressive, Theo decided to continue, remained focused and pushed hard all the way for the next 3 months, in the quest to see his long lost Abs. Theo went all in, and the results are for all to see.

In 6 months, Theo lost 26 kilograms and gained 4 kilograms of lean muscle, while learning how to use nutrition to feed and nourish his body, even at times away from the gym or on holiday.

Theo now has more energy for his kids, is pain free and gets through long days at work with less effort, Theo  lives the bodyseek lifestyle, having a protein source at every meal, weight training minimum 3 x per week, and hits his daily step targets – he knows if there is a big event coming up and that calories will be higher, to pull back in the days leading up, post transformation.

Theo didn’t just do a 28 day challenge, a “man-shake” or crash diet, he committed to 6 months of full dedication and now has the skills and knowledge to maintain a strong, lean and fit body as a lifestyle, he will never go back to how he was.

If you want to be like Theo, let us help you build muscle, get stronger, lose the dad bod, have more energy for your kids and feel younger, click below to schedule your free consultation.


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