Anthony Pham

I have been strength training for about 9 years, and have actively working in the industry this past year.

 Always been obsessed with getting stronger, and optimising health & body composition, throughout my strength, fitness journey and study, I want to help others who want to pursue that route.

– Weightlifting

– Powerlifting

– Sports & High Performance & Rehab
– Beginners & Weight-Training

– Building a client’s strength and performance up for their sport and achieving outstanding results. 

– Being able to improve one’s daily life through resistance and holistic training. 

An adherent individual who wants to achieve their fitness, performance and holistic goals.

I would be able to connect with these sort of people and work with them the best. A passion for a passion, or a passion that builds up a passion. 

Bachelors in Exercise Science (Sport Practice) 

“Strength is not a weakness and weakness is not a strength.” Mark Bell


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