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Online Personal Training

For those who are unable to meet with us face-to-face but would still like the guidance of our industry leading coaches – Online Coaching is here for you!

Online Coaching
The Bodyseek Difference
Scroll through the news feed of your Social media, and if you’re a fitness fanatic – chances are you’ll see many “online coaches” offering their latest booty building program, 7 day detox or 9-in-6 extreme weightloss program. Results will vary, however not be maintained. Our goal with our online One to One coaching service is to raise the standard of the online coaching world, bridging the gap between the cookie cutter “influencer” online personal training services out there, and our world class one to one in person experience. We demand results at every level.
Online Coaching
How our Online Coaching Works
Initial Consultation – Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle
At the beginning we conduct a full scale audit of your training, nutrition, injury and medical history as well as lifestyle via Zoom. Questionnaires are used to assess current nutrition, sleep, stress, digestion, appetite and energy, as well as training experience and competency with all main lifts, accessory exercises and remedials, our exercise selection is always bang for buck/results focused and you won’t see any “booty bands” or cable kickbacks in your workout. Based on the speed of results desired, current health and biofeedback, a nutrition plan is tailored for you using the revolutionary Inutritionpro online platform. From here your account is created and your programs are created on the Train Heroic App platform.
How our Online Coaching Works
Training programs Tailored to YOU
Value for Money
Our online personal training takes out the guesswork, every week, every program, every phase, is meticulously planned by your coach, programmed for you are your resistance training days, your rest days, your active recovery days, and your cardio & core days (*if needed) You don’t need to think, just “do”.

No more wasting time on one size fits all workouts and fad diets, where the results are there initially but never sustainable or maintainable. You work 1-2-1 with your online coach to create a sustainable eating plan and an exercise regime that delivers results whilst fitting around your life. An elite coach at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost of our In-person coaching.
Training programs Tailored to YOU
Everything you wish your old gym notebook could do
Available Worldwide
TrainHeroic is the free, fast, intuitive app that lets you define your goals and chase athletic greatness on your own terms. Integrated with our own video library and that of trusted authorities for every exercise selected, track your progress, celebrate PBs, and get insights on metrics like stress and recovery.

All the Data for the modern athlete is right at your fingertips.

The beauty of the digital world, it doesn’t matter whether you live regionally, interstate or internationally – a bodyseek coach can serve you online and help you towards the body of your dreams.
Everything you wish your old gym notebook could do

Online Nutrition Coaching

Are you just looking for more guidance with your diet and nutrition?

Our world-leading online nutrition coaching is available worldwide for those who are unable to meet with us face-to-face but would still like the nutritional guidance of our elite coaching team.

Lifestyle Assessment
Nutritional Guidance
Ongoing Support
Digital Product Bonus
We will assess your personality profile to ascertain exactly who you are so that we can coach you for success, along with past and current lifestyle influences. This may involve referring you to your local doctor for blood or other functional medicine tests to identify any underlying conditions.
We will educate you and provide a tailored diet based on your current body composition and goals. This is delivered via our online iNutrition Pro application which is calorie and macro specific, and easily accessible anywhere, anytime!
You will receive ongoing support from your coach, who will be recommended and selected based upon your goals, needs and personality. This includes fortnightly check-ins and adjustments to your nutrition program, made accordingly for continuous progress.
All nutrition coaching clients will also be provided with our optimal health at home guidebook and our recipe book.

Coach The Coach

Are you a fitness professional or coach looking to grow your business and skill set? Climb the ladder of success and upskill faster?

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