Mitch Potts

Senior Coach

How long have you been in the industry/training?
I have been training in the gym for 13 years and have been training clients for over 5 years now.

Why are you passionate about the fitness industry?
I am passionate about delivering high quality results for a client’s goals. Whether his or her goal is weight loss, increasing lean muscle mass, improving gut health or a change in lifestyle long term – this is what motivates me each and every day.

What is your specialty?
I specialise in restoring a person’s health by creating a balanced lifestyle so they can enjoy an alcoholic beverage or eat a burger when they want. Working on a person’s psychology helps me tailor their nutrition and programming to get optimal long lasting results. I am getting people lean while they enjoy the process, this has become a trait of mine.

What are your biggest achievements in the industry? 
Working with corporate clientele who are always ‘on the go’ and have very busy lifestyles can be quite challenging to get results. I have been learning and trialling different approaches over time and found the most bang for buck methods in order to make sure the corporates of the world get the results they deserve, time and time again. If you can get these people results then anyone else is a walk in the park.

Who is your personal ideal client?
My ideal client is anyone who wants to slim down or bulk up – while improving important health and lifestyle habits. I want their desire to be a 10/10 when it comes to making change.

In regards to your ideal client above, why are you passionate in helping these people?
Nowadays there a lot of people who want a 12 week ‘transformation’ – the end product looks great! But… what happens to these people 12 weeks later? Are they still in the same shape they were 12 weeks ago? If so, well done. But we know that many of these people slip back into old habits and basically waste their money, ending where they originally started.
I educate my clientele so much that when they complete their initial 12 weeks  with me they have every tool in the book to make sure they stay on top of their health. That’s why I want to train people with a 10/10 desire because they will take in all the information I give them for long lasting results.

What are your qualifications?
Currently studying Bachelor of Natural Health (Naturopathy)

Dr Bob Rakowski – Functional Nutrition

Christian Thibaudeau Advanced program design certification

Christian Thibaudeau Hypertrophy Mastery certification

Clean Health Performance certification 1 & 2

Clean Health Performance PT certification 1 & 2

Muscle Nerds – Nutrition Foundation course

Muscle Nerds – Program Design course

Eugene Teo – Muscle Mechanics

Chris Bottomley – Advanced Program design

Tim Diegan – Advanced Nutrition

Anthony Kerr, Leigh Forbes – Magnificent Mobility

Bob Guiel – Applied Muscle Testing Level 1 & 2

Poliquin – Biosignature Level 1 & 2

Dave O’Brien – Blood Analysis level 2

Dave O’Brien – Wellness and Performance

David O’Brien – Weekly mentoring for a year

Andrew Lock – Lumbar Spine trainer certification

Guy Lawrence – Let it in

Cert III & IV Fitness

Cert III Nutrition

Do you have a fitness quote or motto you live by?
“A winner never quits and a quitter never wins” – Jesse Kerema

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