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We operate exclusively as a 1on1 Personal Training Studio, there are no gym-memberships, no casual entries, no competing with a packed gym for equipment, and best of all: a team of passionate coaches that stay ahead of the industry who are passionate about changing the lives of their clients.

All packages involve a body composition analysis (12 site bodyfat test) and personalised nutrition plan created with the revolutionary Inutrition pro software, from there we screen a client for mobility issues, movement quality and any muscular imbalances, before creating their initial program.

All packages are 12 weeks in duration initially as thats the minimum we need to see results, and run through the following process on either a 4, 3, 2 or 1 session per week basis depending on the clients goals, budget and time frame of desired results.

Appointment 1
Appointment 1 is the body composition analysis and nutrition consultation. We record the client’s weight and also conduct either girth measurements or a 12 site skinfold test. From there we input that data into the revolutionary InutritionPro software, and customise a nutrition plan for a client in consultation with them, based on their lifestyle, optimal meal frequency, and caloric needs with a view to achieving the body they desire in the timeframe required.
Appointment 1
Appointment 2
Appointment 2 is a screening and movement testing session, however we see also where the client is at in terms of competency at the major lifts then subsequently design your program for both when with us and on your own.
Appointment 2
Appointment 3
Appointment 3 is where we begin your initial program, fully customized to you based on your movement competency and experience – there is no one size fits all!
Appointment 3



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