Jo lost 10% body fat in 12 weeks
& gained 1.4 kg of lean mass

Jo wanted the most optimal result possible so committed to our Platinum transformation package.

“This was the hardest Jo had trained in her life - but was well worth the reward”

Jo came to bodyseek wanting to lose the excess body fat she had gained over the last few years between lockdown, a high stress job and some bad habits that had her self medicating her stress.

This is how we did it:

Phase 1 started with a focus on strength endurance, 2 half body splits performed twice per week (anterior full body, posterior full body) utilising GBC supersets with the majority of sequences 4x 10-12

The result was perfect, 4% in 4 weeks mobility and strength endurance improved and set a great foundation for the next few programs.

Phase 2 With a great fat-loss result from the last month, and some strength endurance / condition built up, now was the time for more focus on strength & bringing up the intensity, we switched to half body-splits with 4×6-8 for the A-series, and sending rep supersets for the rest of the program, and added some conditioning.

Phase 3  After a slowdown of results and a few relaxed dinners out, Jo Really wanted to go all in and get the best result possible, so a jump in volume was the order of the day here, we went back to an anterior / posterior full body split, utilising the 8×8 gironda method, and introduced 8/8/16 tri-sets and again with conditioning to finish.

Coached by @coach.kevinle
Nutrition & Programming by @coach_timdiegan

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