Dr. Ashley hamilton
movement fundamentals


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Dr. Ashley hamilton
movement fundamentals

This is a 2 Day Melbourne Course for Therapists & Coaches who are wanting to become the GO TO Practitioner/Coach when it comes to working with Individuals in the Gym 

Build upon your current knowledge while also being provided a Simple, Effective & Results Driven Framework to guide you through the most common challenges presented by your clients. 

Date: 16th & 17th September, 2023

Time: 9am - 5pm



DAY 1 - upper body

Stress & Autonomic Nervous System

  • Parasympathetic (Rest & Digest)  / Sympathetic (Fight & Flight)
  • Stress Cup Analogy (Understand how Injuries occur) 
  • Understand Equilibrium & how the Body Heals itself 
  • Determine what they HAVE & what they NEED

Upper Limb Case History 

  • Learn to ask the right Questions to receive clues for Programming 
  • Learn Mechanism of Injury 
  • Program Considerations
  • How Stress impacts the individual 
  • Deficits in Training 
  • Agonist/Antagonist Programming 
  • Soft Tissue Benefits 
  • Recovery 
  • Rest/Load/Frequency with Training

Movement Assessment & Exercise Prescription

  • Learn to Assess Movement limitations with your Clients 
  • Hands off assessments that you can apply Online/F2F
  • Know how to find the Low Hanging Fruit Fast

Breathings Influence on Biomechanics 

  • Identify Dysfunctional Breathing patterns 
  • Improve C02 Tolerance
  • Breathing & Posture 
  • Breathing & Back Pain 
  • Breathing & Shoulder Pain

Centre of Mass (COM) & Compression/Expansion 

  • Understanding COM & Exercise Prescription

Upper Limb (Rib Cage/Shoulder/Back/Elbow Biomechanics) 

  • In Depth Understanding of Functional Anatomy 
  • Understand Force Distribution along the chain 
  • Local vs Global Approaches

Programming Variables to work around Pain 

  • Tempo
  • Partial Ranges of motion 
  • ROM (Stretching) & Modifying the range of motion
  • MVP (Activation)
  • COM 
  • Pauses 
  • ICE 
  • TUT 
  • Cardiovascular/Metabolic 
  • Constraints (Walls)
  • LOAD 
  • REPS 
  • SETS 

Addressing Common Gym Dysfunctions 

  • Common Elbow Pain Causes
  • Common Shoulder Pain Causes 
  • Common Lifting Niggles Causes

Practical Sessions

DAY 2 - lower body

Lower Limb Movement Assessment 

  • Understand How to Screen the Hip/Knee/Foot
  • Hands off Approach so can apply Online/F2F
  • Identify Key areas of Focus for Programming 

Pelvis & Hip Biomechanics 

  • In Depth knowledge of Movement Dysfunctions & Anatomy of the Pelvis/Hip
  • Programming Considerations 

Knee Biomechanics 

  • In Depth knowledge of the Knee Movement Dysfunctions & Anatomy of the Knee 
  • Programming Considerations 
  • Common Presentations 

Foot Biomechanics 

  • Understand the movements of the Foot 
  • Understand how to apply Foot pressures to training 
  • Understanding how to Improve Ankle ROM 
  • Understanding COM & how that impacts the Foot/Ankle 

Centre of Mass & Exercise Prescription 

  • Coupled Motions Cheat Sheet 

How to Maximise your Glute Engagement (Where most people go wrong)

  • Optimising Exercise Selection using COM 
  • Optimising Exercise Execution 
  • Optimising Foot Pressures 
  • Optimising Hip Extension before Knee Extension 

Addressing Common Lower Limb Niggles 

  • Back / Hips / Knees / Foot 
  • Understanding “why” you choose a specific exercise 
  • Using your assessments to determine progress

ICE Principle for Exercise Progression/Regressions 

  • Isometric 
  • Concentric
  • Eccentric 
  • When do you prioritise each Method 

Practical Sessions 

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