Chris Diegan

Senior Coach

How long have you been in the industry/training?
12 years

Why are you passionate about the fitness industry?
I have always loved sport and fitness

What is your specialty?

Everything to do with body transformation women’s fatloss, mens fatloss program design for muscle building, strength, speed and power

What are your biggest achievements in the industry?
I Have had multiple clients achieve life changing body transformations, then keep their new body but have a new found focus on strength.

Who is your personal ideal client
The young female new to the gym that lacks confidence in the weight room.
Men over 28 seeking fat loss or muscle gain.

In regards to your ideal client above, why are you passionate in helping these people?

I find I can relate to most of these clients and help them enjoy the process

What are your qualifications?
Diploma in fitness
Clean health Performance PT level 1 and level 2
Clean health Nutrition Coach level 1 and 2
Christian Thibeudeu Advanced Program Design
Christian Thibeudeu Neurotyping Certification
Charles Poliquin Fat Loss & Hypertrophy workshops

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