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Female Transformation Programs

Shed body fat, sculpt your body, empower yourself through the strength and confidence that comes from being a woman who lifts.

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Male Transformation Programs

Muscle up! Drop body fat! Optimise your hormones! – Be an Alpha Male!

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Contest Preparation

Our process involves an off-season where we aim to bring up size, strength and symmetry for your desired division but more importantly calories to build an engine and metabolic base to work down from.

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Why Bodyseek?

Our PT and body transformation studio is purposely built to provide a premium 1on1 personal training experience like no other, there are no gym memberships, no casual entries – those training on the floor at any one time are guided by our coaches at all times, this makes for a great environment for training without the regular waiting around, sharing equipment or fighting for space you experience in big box gyms..

At bodyseek we understand the difference between “exercise” and “training” – we realise the key to optimal health and body composition lies in managing and optimising the following elements:

Stress, Sleep, Digestion, Lifestyle, Training and Nutrition, and that its never a one size fits all approach.

The Core Elements We Focus On

What They Say About Us

“If you are looking to transform your body and your mind then Bodyseek is for you.
They put your health first. Each person is an individual and they design food plans and exercise programs to cater for you. There is no one size fits all here. Staff are well educated, approachable and empathetic, and most importantly they greet you with a hello and the best coffee in Melbourne.”

SilvanaMother of two, business owner

“Signing up with Bodyseek is one of the best decisions I've made for myself.
I've transformed from inside out!
I have learned to love myself and become best friends with what I've always been afraid of, enjoying "food"!
From never squatting before in my life 3 years ago to weight training 6 days a week because it's part of my life (like A cup of coffee 😉
I'm a lot happier physically and mentally.
All the coaches are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Always feel welcomed there!”

PloyFit Mum & Business Owner

“I’ve been training with Chris Diegan for over 2 years now.
Chris is an extremely committed, punctual and reliable trainer.
He is always focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging.
I lost 27 kilograms and gained a few kilograms of muscle, completely changing my body in 6 months with his programming and Tim guiding my nutrition with monthly check-ins.
He is a highly knowledgeable trainer who ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid injury. I would most definitely recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to improve their physique”

TheoFather with an ex dad-bod

“Bodyseek has the most professional approach to training that I have seen and the high level of knowledge and education of the trainers is quickly obvious. They are the trainers that other trainers seek out to learn how to become better and more successful at their job. They are also great people and make fantastic coffee.”


“I am so glad I came across the guys at Bodyseek. Both Tim & Chris have helped me extensively to achieve my goals, made me stronger and in turn feeling great about my overall health. Week after week, I am getting stronger and the changes with my body havebeen evident. Continuous training with Chris allowed me to reach my goal of initially doing a pull up and now I am able to do 6 (woohoo!)
On top of that, I have learnt so much about nutrition, paying attention to what my body needs and the positive changes that has come along, all because of the support and education that I had from the team. Overall, training at Bodyseek has been such a great investment that I have made regarding my health & fitness.”

TheresaCorporate Woman

“Invest in yourself, no matter you are new to training or a seasoned bodybuilder, through the guidance of expert Bodyseek coaches you can start with a plan that fits you and your goals, maximise your results and improve in some of the areas we all tend to struggle with.”

AlexIT Professional & Over 40’s Mens Physique Novice Competitor

“Training with Tim at bodyseek has opened me up to many opportunities I never thought were possible. I’ve made a tonne of new friends in the fitness industry and I’ve gained a new confidence and lease on life. I'm happy with the way I look and I know what I'm capable of. I’ve competed in fitness model and figure competitions, have had photoshoots and even applied to be a covergirl on Oxygen Magazine, ending up 5th in the whole of Australia out of thousands of entries!.
I owe all of this to Tim, his knowledge has set me up for a fit future, and I'm very grateful. I’ve since recommended many of my family and friends to Tim and they are equally as happy with their results. If you’re tired of training and not getting results look no further than bodyseek!”

SamanthaPersonal Assistant and Mother

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